Safety Management

Safety Program

Depending on the customer. We can create a safety program within one month of your order. The program will be in compliance to the WorkSafeBC regulations and your industry's Safety Association requirements. All of our programs are Certificate of Recognition (COR) ready.

Contractor Management

A huge liability that we can quickly help you manage. The contractor programs is a must for prime contractors. We can create the program and you can run it on your own. Or, we can set you up with a safety department subscription and we will run it for you. 

Exposure Control

Lead, Silica.. you name it. We can create the program for you, train your staff and provide you with all the necessary personal protective equipment. 

Injury & Claim Management

We got this one figured out! Stop paying huge sums of money to WorkSafeBC for injury costs that can be managed in the workplace. Are the physicians giving you the run around. Well we know how to fix that too. We create the program and if you want we will run it for you.

Preventive Maintenance

Finding the time to establish a formal preventive maintenance program can be hard but without one: best case scenario your records only fall behind. worse case you have a system failure which results in loss production.


Program, training, data sheets. spill procedures, handling practices and procedures, safe storage. Yeah, we do that too! 

Free Safety Program

With Safety Department Subcription

Subscribe to a two year Safety Department Subscription paying the first 3 months upfront and we set you up with a safety management system for free!

Perfect solution for the organization looking for a fresh start.

Achieve excellence in safety management. 

If your goal is to achieve the Certificate of Recognition with WorkSafeBC. This package is a sure win!

Contact us today

It takes about a month to create a safety management system and program. So call us now so we can start supporting you today!