Safety Department Services

The best way for use to support you is by setting you up with a monthly Safety Department subscription plan. 

These plans are set up to either support your current safety department or serve as your safety department. Our goal is fit in with your organization! 

Subscription Services

Monthly Visits

Built for the low to medium risk organizations like: 

Tourism & Hospitality and Agriculture.

Typically costs $1-2 thousand per month

Bi-Weekly Visits

Built for medium risk organizations like: 

Manufacturing, Food production and Health care.

 Typically costs $2-3 thousand per month

Weekly Visits

Built for high risk industries like:

Construction, Energy & Infrastructure.

Typically costs $3-4 thousand per month 

Customized Subscriptions

Created based what you want done. Our subscription plans can be modified to fit your organization safety needs and objectives.

Temp Services

Construction Safety Officers

CSO staffing troubles?

Don't worry we got you covered!

First Aid Attendants

No first aid attendant?

Don't worry we got you covered!

Safety Headache Solutions

Yup, we do that too!

The Details

Monthly safety summary

We perpair a monthly report of your injuries, claims and safety performance. 


Safety committee hosting

Professionaly hosted safety committee meetings are more productive and meaningful. Plus, you don't have to worry about writing and posting the meeting minutes. 

First aid supplies and re-stocking

An annual first aid assessment, required first aid policies and procedures, first aid supply monitoring and maintenance.

Injury & claim management

Prompt effective treatment of injuries and injury accommodation is simply the best method for managing your insurance rates and taking care of your employees.


Ensuring your best evidence of due diligence is kept current and accurate.

Safety talks

Ensuring your employees have the latest safety information pertaining to their job tasks and work related hazards.

Safety audit escort

We can source an auditor for you and be your site escort. Ensuring the auditor correctly evaluates your safety program.

Safety training

Classroom, online blended learning. We can provide you will all of your safety training and certification needs. Including mediatory orientation for new and young workers.

Safety program maintenance

We regularly check the regulations, rules and industry leaders and update your program so you don't have to worry about the currency of your management systems. We also ensure your safe records are maintained so you able to meet any requests for records. 

"Good Paperwork makes for good friends"

Need a Safety Program?